A brief history

A brief history

Meeting the changing needs of investors

HSBC Global Asset Management has a long history of serving clients of the HSBC Group, tracing its roots back to the foundation of the HongKong and Shanghai Banking Corporation in 1865.

We have been managing assets on behalf of our clients for more than 30 years. Over that time, our business has expanded into new markets and developed new areas of expertise.

Today, HSBC Global Asset Management is a truly global asset management firm combining the advantages of worldwide presence and scale plus local knowledge and service - and is on the ground in many locations.

Timeline - creating a leader in asset management

1973 HSBC forms Hong Kong-based Wardley as a wholly owned merchant banking subsidiary.

1986 The European arm of HSBC Asset Management is conceived with the purchase of James Capel, a leading and well-established international securities company.

1986 The addition of New York-based Marinvest establishes the US arm of HSBC Asset Management.

1992 Consolidation in Europe with the acquisition of the Midland Bank Group.

1994 Regional companies are brought together under the name HSBC Asset Management, creating a single, powerful, global investment manager offering global investment capability combined with significant local expertise.

2000 HSBC Group purchases CCF Bank, France - CCF Capital Management in Paris joins HSBC Asset Management.

2001 New global strategy launched for asset management aiming to create a core proprietary global investment management business, HSBC Asset Management, operating alongside a series of specialist investment businesses: Sinopia, HSBC Specialist Investments, Multimanager and HSBC Alternative Investments.

2002 New investment and marketing office established in India. Cooperation with HSBC Trinkaus Capital Management and its parent HSBC Trinkaus & Burkhardt.

2003 Integration of GF Bital's fund management business following its purchase by HSBC.

2004 Integration and development of investment management activity in Bermuda following the acquisition of Bank of Bermuda.

2004 On 1 December HSBC announces a reorganisation of its investment management businesses as part of a new strategy designed to drive further growth.

2006 HSBC receives approval for joint venture fund management company in China.

2006 HSBC Halbis Partners is renamed Halbis Capital Management.

2008 The investments business within HSBC is rebranded HSBC Global Asset Management

2010 In December HSBC Global Asset Management announces that its assets under management in Emerging Markets passed USD100 billion. (As at end September 2010, HSBC Global Asset Management had USD103 billion in Emerging Markets assets under management).

2011 HSBC brings together all of its retail banking businesses under one global management structure; 'Retail Banking and Wealth Management' including Asset Management, personal financial services, wealth management, and insurance.