Responsible Investment

As long term investors we believe environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors can materially impact a company’s fundamentals in terms of both opportunity and risk. Put simply, we believe companies who conduct their business in a responsible and sustainable manner are more likely to succeed over time than those which do not.

We regard stewardship as integral to our long-term approach to investment. As asset managers we have the day-to-day responsibility for managing investments and as shareholders, we are well positioned to influence companies’ long-term performance. We do this through engaging with the companies we invest in and exercising the voting rights attached to the shares that we hold. These stewardship activities serve to improve our understanding of investee companies, signal support or concern with management actions as well as promote good practice in the market.

Through our voting and engagement activities we seek to encourage greater transparency, more sustainable practices and better corporate governance as we believe this will help to reduce the risks for our clients and increase shareholder value.

We have clear and detailed voting guidelines which provide the framework for our voting decisions, these are applied according to the particular circumstances of the company. These guidelines are based upon widely-accepted international governance standards. We aim to make clear our support for these standards whilst accepting that companies may have good reasons for departing from them.

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