Investment basics

Investment could be an intimidating subject if you are not familiar with it. Thorough understanding of investment concepts is the key to any sound investment decision.

Five simple steps in investment planning

Investment does not have to be confusing. Follow these simple guidelines on planning your investments:

  1. Determine your investment goals
    • Investment needs differ from person to person; some invest for retirement, and some for a more tangible goal such as buying a car. Before you make any investment decision, it is essential to set your objectives in order to define your investment strategy, time horizon and product selection.
  2. Understand your risk profile
    • All investments involve risk. Understanding how much risk you are willing to take to trade for the potential return is essential for your peace of mind. Your risk profile may change at different life stages so make sure to assess it regularly.
  3. Learn your investment options
    • Understanding investment basics, including the risks associated with different asset class and your chosen investments can help to ensure that even during times of uncertainty, you remain comfortable with your investment decisions.
  4. Define your investment strategy
    • Defining the right strategy that best matches your goal and risk tolerance level is critical to identifying the products that have the greatest potential to get you to the finish line. If unsure, talk to an investment adviser.
  5. Review your portfolio and assess your financial needs
    • You should always keep track of your investments to ensure they are in line with your expectations. Review your strategies periodically, make changes whenever necessary according to your age and investment budget, and stay calm during market fluctuations. Seek professional advice if you are in doubt about your investment direction.

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