Many investors seek to participate in the global equity markets in a disciplined fashion, where they can benefit from the upside and be protected from the downside of market volatility. HSBC Global Asset Management offers a wide range of equity strategies that aim to produce consistent risk-adjusted performance within strong governance and risk managed framework. Our clients' alpha and beta equity investment objectives are best achieved through capabilities that have conceptual clarity and use an investment process that is differentiated by design and implemented with discipline. Our investment specialists follow an actively managed investment philosophy that focuses on high quality fundamental research, and invest in markets and sectors in which we can best add value for our clients.

We offer high-conviction active solutions, which aim to exploit the most attractive mispricing opportunities to improve returns. We also provide passive solutions, which use an alternative weighting schemes to harvest excess volatility to improve risk-adjusted returns.

Our equity strategies include:

  • Active fundamental stock selection
  • Efficient Beta – Lower Volatility
  • Efficient Beta – Pure Factor Volatility
  • Efficient Beta – Enhanced Beta
  • Efficient Beta – Economic Scale (fundamental) Indexation

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