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At HSBC Global Asset Management, we understand the financial challenges of the pension marketplace. We believe that our ability to appeal to an increasing number of scheme sponsors and to accumulate assets under management in an intensely competitive industry is indicative of the high service standards that we set as well as the investment performance we deliver.

We have developed and cultivated long-standing relationships with a broad range of clients, from large superannuation funds to small defined contribution (DC) schemes. Whether you just need basic investment advice, a comprehensive DC proposition or a liability driven investment (LDI) solution to address a funding deficit, you can trust HSBC Global Asset Management to fulfil all of your pension needs.

We understand that trustees and sponsors of defined contribution (DC) schemes face a multitude of challenges and that the provision of a fully integrated solution can help to reduce the load. Access to the best and latest investment thinking and effective multimedia communication are just a couple of the benefits that you can look forward to when you bring your DC business to HSBC Global Asset Management.

HSBC Global Asset Management is one of the pre-eminent services providers in the DC and MPF arena. We never lose sight of the ultimate aim of a DC scheme, which is to encourage participation and personal involvement in making investment choices. Although the extent to which we are involved at a member level is controlled by our clients, you can be sure that our commitment extends way beyond the mere provision of a fund platform.

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