Public institutions

HSBC Global Asset Management has a long established track record of providing tailored investment products to meet the needs of public sector clients. We also manage assets on behalf of local, regional and national authorities world-wide.

At HSBC Global Asset Management we understand that the reserves of central banks are the reserves of your country and must be looked after in a strictly controlled manner. We therefore recognise the importance of prudence while adding value, particularly in today's challenging cash, bond and foreign currency markets.

For longer term objectives, such as future generation funds or infrastructure projects, we can provide access to a full range of traditional and specialist opportunities.

We recognise your need for top quality asset management services in a package suitable for you, and we aim to fulfil this on a consistent basis.


At HSBC Global Asset Management, we recognise that no two charities are created with identical purposes and objectives. With our experience in establishing successful business relationships with more than 400 charities, we have both the local knowledge and global resources to engage with you in a dialogue relevant to your organisation’s goals. Experience has taught us that the type of investment services that are most suitable for a charity will tend to depend on the size of the organisation. Consequently, we have structured our propositions around this principle.

The HSBC Group, as a whole, offers a wide variety of services to charities, private trusts, foundations and other tax-exempt organisations. Our broad range of financial products and services extends from transactional banking to investment management, from trust administration to tax advice, and from global custody to treasury services. As a client of HSBC Global Asset Management, the services of a dedicated and experienced team of charity investment professionals will be placed at your disposal.

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