About HSBC Global Asset Management

HSBC Global Asset Management comprises four specialist businesses: Halbis, Sinopia, HSBC Multimanager and HSBC Liquidity. HSBC Multimanager and HSBC Liquidity are global business units which are part of HSBC Global Asset Management. Halbis and Sinopia are legally established as separate companies. HSBC Global Asset Management acts as the global representative of its specialist investment businesses.

As one of the world's leading emerging markets asset management businesses, we are on-the-ground everywhere you want to be. We aim to provide unique insights, investment opportunities and access to service excellence worldwide.

HSBC Global Asset Management is part of HSBC Retail Banking and Wealth Management, a division of HSBC Holdings plc.

Learn more about HSBC Global Asset Management, India in the following sections.

  • Overview
    HSBC Global Asset Management in India is part of the core global investment management business of the HSBC Group. With dedicated investment professionals across Europe, Africa, Asia-Pacific and the Americas, HSBC Global Asset Management has strong global investment capabilities that are delivered to clients locally.
  • Local management team
    Our local management structure ensures a strong local focus on meeting client needs while efficiently leveraging our global talent.
  • Sponsors and trustees
    The Sponsor of HSBC Mutual Fund is HSBC Securities and Capital Markets (India) Private Limited (HSCI), a member of the HSBC Group.
  • Why HSBC Mutual Fund?
    We are the client experts for all investment matters, using our knowledge to provide well-engineered products.
  • Financials
    Annual Report and accounts, and audited and unaudited results.
  • Corporate Governance
    Voting Policy and Procedures and Investor Complaints

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