HSBC Portfolio Management Services

The desire to grow money is a natural instinct. But as simple as the desire is, the process to do so is just as complex. At HSBC Global Asset Management, we believe that growing and protecting your wealth is an art.

Just as art is the culmination of talent and experience in an artist, so also growing money depends on the natural instinct and experience of a financial master. At HSBC Global Asset Management, our financial masters use their combined talents and experience to build up your portfolio of investments with an endeavour to bring out the best in it.

Join us in this journey of exploring the potential in your portfolio, with the artists from HSBC Portfolio Management Services.

On-line Services

We have noted in our review that very few customers access the portfolio reports through the website. Given this, we have withdrawn the on-line platform.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at We will be delighted to assist you, as always.

In case you need any further information feel free to contact your HSBC Relationship Manager.

Old Products

  • HSBC Alpha Account Signature Portfolio
  • HSBC Alpha Account Strategic Portfolio
  • HSBC Large Cap Oriented Portfolio
  • HSBC Select Portfolio

Starting 2015, we have discontinued offering these products.


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