Luxembourg, Oktober 2013

Dear Shareholder,

We are writing to inform you about some additional changes to the distribution of HSBC Global Investment Funds (the "Fund") in Poland.

In the course of the implementation of HSBC's strategy the Board of directors of the Company (the "Board") would like to inform you about the following decision.

With effect from 30th of April HSBC Bank Polska is no longer acting as Representative of the Fund in Poland. It has been decided to appoint ProService Agent Transferowy Sp. Z o.o. ("ProService") as Representative of the Fund who is also acting as the Fund's local transfer agent since 2007.

As per our letter dated 22nd of November 2012 distributors are now no longer able to accept orders from you as a result of the limitation of the Fund's distribution in Poland.
Existing shareholders will be able to continue to redeem their Fund shares through the Representative until further notice in two ways:

  1. In order to redeem your shares you have to appear in person in the premises of the Fund's Representative ProService, present your ID card and sign the redemption form in presence of a ProService employee.
  2. As an alternative shareholders can redeem shares via post which has to include a signed and certified redemption form and a certified ID card. The certification has to be done by a notary. The documents have to be sent to our Representative ProService Transfer Agent SA, Warsaw, ul.Puławska 436

We have included the funds and number of shares in which you are invested in this letter. Please save this and similar statements in your files for future reference. Similar statements will be sent to you after every redemption and / or a yearly account statement which is generated by ProService by 31/12 each year. In addition we have added a Q & A to summarize the current situation and to give you a brief guidance which we hope you find helpful.

Shareholders will be kept informed about any future changes in the processing of redemption orders of the Fund´s shares.

If you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact ProService under the dedicated phone number 22 588 1867 for further information.

Yours faithfully,
For and on behalf of
the Board of Directors – HSBC Global Investment Funds