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Open Ended Investment Companies (OEIC) FundsLiterature and Prices
Our OEICs are pooled investments into stocks, shares and fixed securities.

OpenFundsLiterature and Prices
A fund of funds proposition designed to be used as single strategy solutions or as simple unbiased core building blocks within a broader portfolio.

Global Investment Funds (GIFs)Literature and Prices
Offer global coverage of all asset classes from equity to bonds and cash, and accommodate varying attitudes to risk and reward.

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)Literature and Prices
Offering both index investing and actively managed ETFs. Our index based solutions offer physical replication with a conservative approach seeking to deliver the minimum tracking error; while our active solutions follow our proprietary active systematic strategies. Both are built on strong risk management and governance processes, delivered at a competitive price.

Charity FundsLiterature and Prices
These are investment options for registered charities. The funds invest in a range of UK equities and Sterling Government Bonds.

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