HSBC Global Asset Management's primary objective is to manage disciplined investment strategies which are responsive to client needs while delivering long-term value. We manage a full range of global, regional and country specific equity strategies, leveraging our unique perspective and local markets knowledge. Each strategy employs an active, focused investment process in order to achieve consistently strong investment performance for our clients.

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Global Emerging Markets Equity

The Global Emerging Markets Equity strategy seeks long-term capital growth by investing in equity and equity-equivalent securities issued by companies which have their registered offices and official listings in an emerging market. The strategy also invests in companies which carry out a preponderant part of their economic activities in the emerging markets. While there are no capitalization restrictions, it is anticipated that the strategy will invest primarily in larger, established companies. The management of this strategy is driven by a core belief in combining top-down and bottom-up analysis. The investment process is based on proprietary, fundamental research for which local information is vital.

Global Equity

The Global Equity strategy seeks long-term capital appreciation through investments in global equities, including the emerging markets. Returns are generated primarily from stock selection rather than country, sector or currency decisions and can invest across the capitalization spectrum. We believe a company's ability to generate long-term cash flow drives future share price performance. In addition, markets are less efficient on a global basis, because most investors value companies within a regional context. Therefore the strategy uses a disciplined and objective investment process to identify the companies that have the right cash flow characteristics and value these on a global basis within sectors.

Asian Equity

The Asian Equity strategy utilizes fundamental active management based on extensive, rigorous and proprietary research. We believe that in the long-term the inherent value of companies will be recognized by the market thus eliminating mispricing and enabling superior returns. Our investment convictions are rooted in a shared belief in ‘quality investing’, that involves in-depth fundamental research, long-term focus and strong price discipline. We believe that fundamental analysis of companies using our local research resources gives us a competitive advantage and that identifying quality companies that are focused on growing shareholder value produces competitive returns.