Fixed Income

HSBC Global Asset Management's primary objective is to manage disciplined investment strategies which are responsive to client needs while delivering long-term value. We manage a full range of global, regional and country specific fixed income strategies, leveraging our unique perspective and local markets knowledge. Each strategy employs an active, focused investment process in order to achieve consistently strong investment performance for our clients.

Emerging Markets Debt

The Emerging Markets Debt strategy aims to capture a variety of trends, inefficiencies and anomalies in the evolving emerging markets marketplace. Our analysis and experience shows there can be significant value added from country allocation, security selection, tactical management of cash positions and portfolio betas, and off-index investments (corporates, distressed debt, local currency and equity). This strategy invests in the debt of emerging markets. The strategy uses a top-down analysis to identify relevant global investment themes and market preferences and combines this with fundamental analysis of factors directly affecting sovereign credit spreads in emerging markets to construct the portfolio. The strategy seeks to identify improving sovereign credits, changes in yield curve shape and undervalued securities. Emerging Markets Debt strategies include Core, Total Return and Local Currency.